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1/2/3/4/6 hole Anti-explosion Aluminum Box IP66 Waterproof Metal Control Box

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: GQEM
Model Number: 1 holes/2 holes/3 holes/4 holes/6 holes
Protection Level: IP66
Type: Control Box, switch box
External Size: 135*85*56mm ,Customizable
Material: Aluminium
Surface treatment: Electrostatic spray
Standard: ISO
certificate: CE,ROHS
Service: OEM/ODM
Application: Electric Power Control System
Further processing: Holes drilling,silk scree,painting

Name:Aluminum button box

Material: Aluminum alloy

Color: cyan grey

Aperture: 22 mm

Feature: the wall thickness is 3.5mmHole size can be customized

Aluminum waterproof box can becustomized according to customerrequirements,but The box sizecannot be changed, and the colorcannot be customized

Aluminum alloy housingAluminum alloy has high strength,high fracture Crack toughness andcorrosion resistance stability,Rugged and durable,resistant toharsh rings Environment,electricity safety, more assured.

seat ring

Hundreds of thousands of dollarsto introduce automatic glue , theuse of polyurethane raw materialsfoaming noodles , good sealingperformance, farewell to thetraditional Sealing ring, saygoodbye to manual clampingsealing ring Time consuming andlaborious.

stainless steel bolt

Each cast aluminum terminal boxis configured for you Stainlesssteel set screw, with highStrength,compression and otheradvantages, can be long Periodof use in outdoor.

Supporting processing

Different sizes of aluminumwaterproof boxes are availableaccording toThe customerrequested processing, but the boxSize can not be changed, can bemade into a button Box, terminalbox, waterproof box with hingeFor other needs, please consultcustomer service.

Matching holes

Provide computer numericalcontrol CNC hole addition Theerror is less than 0.2mm, suitableFor a wide variety of openingneeds.Laser printing is suitablefor signage data,Text content ofenterprise LOGO two-dimensionalCode graphic appearance, etc.(need to provide vector File)

Installation diagram

Different specifications ofaluminum shell installationDifferent, usually for hanging piecemounting heel Through holeinstallation, these are schematicdiagram The hanging piece needsto be equipped with additionalscrews Customer's ownconfiguration is required, if any lfyou have any questions, pleasecontact customer service


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