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M236-TE/S2-TM1A-A01 High Quality Intelligent Digital Display Meter

Product Name : Intelligent Digital Display Meter
External Dimension(mm):48(H)*48(B)*66(D)
Panel Hole Dimension(mm):46(H)*46(B)
Input signal: Multifunctional compatible input (default K type)
Thermocouple (E.J.K.S.B)/ thermal resistor (Cu50.Pt100)
Power supply: AC/DC-80~260V (switching power supply)
Measuring range : -50°C ~ 1370°C
Control mode: PID control or stepping control.
Communication function: None
Alarm output : single relay (contact AC250V 3A resistive load)
Main control output: SSR(DC12V)+ switch output (relay)
Material: Flame retardant PC+ABS
Certification: CE
Place Of Origin : Zhejiang, China


① Housing style classification

② Panel style classification

③ Product classification

    TE:Intelligent temperature controller

④ Power supply(Transformer)


⑤ Control output

     T (DC12V): main control output SSR

    M(relay): main control switch output

    1(single relay): 1-wayout put upper limit output

⑥ Input signal (Intelligent temperature controller)

    A (Factory default K-type): Input full function

⑦ New Model


1.Compatible input:


Thermal resistance



2.Sampling period:300milliseconds

3.Cold end compensation error:≤2℃

4.Resolution ratio:1℃or0.1℃

5.Main control mode:PID control or Stepping control

6.Main control output

SSR drive voltage

Relay output

DC12V, Load capacity≤30mA

capacity:AC220VResistiveload 3A

7.Alarm output: Relay contact AC250V3A Resistive load

8. Display error:1.0%±1 less than or equal to 1.0%±1 word of full scale

Temperature Controller Drawing



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