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Introduction and functional characteristics of emergency stop button - GQEM

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What is an emergency stop push button switch?

Emergency stop switch, also known as emergency stop switch, emergency switch, kill switch or emergency button, emergency stop button switch, is a fail-safe control switch that provides safety protection for machinery and equipment. People who use machines.

specify the following requirements: Emergency stop switches must be highly visible in colour, labeling and shape for easy operation in emergency situations. So the button has to be a red mushroom head with an arrow, emergency or stop symbol.

Common sizes for mushroom heads are 29mm, 30mm, 40mm or 60mm. The direct operating mechanism must be set on a normally closed contact and have a self-holding function. It requires a twist, pull or key to release the electrical contacts to allow the machine to restart.

Main functions and characteristics of emergency stop button in production 1

Emergency Stop Button (E-stop for short) is an emergency stop device, usually used in mechanical and automation systems to prevent accidental injury or equipment damage. The following are the main functions and features of the emergency stop button in production:


Emergency stop: When a dangerous or unexpected event occurs, press the emergency stop button to stop the machine or equipment immediately to prevent further injury or equipment damage.

Convenient operation: The emergency stop button is usually located in an easily accessible position of the machine or equipment, and is generally easy to identify and operate.

System safety: By using the emergency stop button, it can reduce the negligence and error of the system operator and help ensure the safety of the system.

Protection equipment: the emergency stop button can automatically cut off the power supply in case of equipment overload, overheating, overvoltage, etc., so as to protect the equipment from damage.


Independent control: The emergency stop button is usually not related to the control of other equipment, and has an independent circuit to ensure that the machine or equipment can be stopped immediately under any circumstances.

Easy reset: Once the emergency stop button is pressed, it must be reset manually to restart the machine or equipment. This can prevent the machine or equipment from restarting in an unsafe state.

Reliability: The emergency stop button must be reliable, operable, and highly reliable and durable to ensure that it can work normally when needed.

Standardization: The color and shape of emergency stop button are generally standardized to facilitate identification and operation, and comply with relevant safety standards and regulations.

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