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linear Potentiometer B500K WIW22S 22mm

Model Number: WIW22S
Type: Rotary Potentiometer
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Brand Name: GQEM
D/C: WIW22s-20200031016
Technology: Wirewound
Resistance: 10 Ohm-2M Ohm
Resistance Tolerance: ±10%
Rated Power: 0.5W
Max. Operating Voltage: 250V
Operating Temperature: -55℃~125℃
Brand: potentiometer
Packaging: none
Power (Watts): 0.5W
Tolerance: ±10%
Temperature Coefficient: ±250ppm/°C, ±250 ± 100ppm/℃
Rotation: 260°±5°
Resistive Material: Wirewound
Termination Style: PC Pin
Actuator Length: none
Actuator Diameter: none
Bushing Thread: Not Applicable
Shaft Size: 4mm
Effective Travel: 260°±5°
Mounting Hole Diameter: 22mm


WIW22S potentiometer

Electrical Characteristics

Range of nominal resistance


Resistance tolerance

±10%    ±5% (customization)

Terminal resistance

≤±1%R or 2Ω

Contact resistance variation (CRV)

≤±1%R or 3Ω

Insulation resistance

≥ 1GΩ (100V AC)

Withstand voltage

101.3 KPa 500V; 8.5 KPa 350V

Environment Characteristics

Rated power

0.5W ( 250V max)

Temperature range


Temperature  Coefficient

±250, ±100ppm/°C

Collision (390m/S2, 4000 times)


Vibration (10-500HZ, 0.75mm, 6h)

ΔR≤±1%R, ΔUab/Uac≤±2%R, Electrical break≤100μS

Temperature variation (-55°C/30min,
+125°C/30min, 5 cycles)


Climate category (IEC68-2-2)

ΔR≤± (5%R+0.1Ω),Insulation Resistance≥100MΩ

Electrical endurance (0.5W, 1000h)

ΔR≤± (5%R+0.1Ω),CRV≤±3%R or 5Ω

Mechanical endurance (200 cycles)

ΔR≤± (10%R+0.5Ω), CRV≤±3%R or 5Ω

Steady damp heat (IEC68-2-3, Ca, 96h)

ΔR≤± (5%R+0.1Ω), Insulation Resistance≥100MΩ

Physical Characteristics

Total mechanical travel


Mounting Hole Diameter


Water proof


Shape Dimension:

linear Potentiometer B500K WIW22S 22mm

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