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Waterproof And Dustproof Push Buttons - Grade & Characteristics

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Electronic push button is a key component commonly used in modern electronic products. And in some special applications, such as in outdoor environment or high humidity environment, the application of waterproof and dustproof push button is particularly important. This paper will introduce the waterproof and dustproof grade and characteristics of waterproof and dustproof push buttons.

1) Waterproof And Dustproof Grade :

The waterproof grade of the electronic measuring instruments reflects the ability of the instrument to prevent moisture and dust, especially in outdoor activities, where the instruments are inevitably exposed in the harsh environment of high humidity or dusty and sandy conditions. Thus, the sealing and waterproof ability of the instruments is crucial to ensure the safe operation and life of them. To this end, IEC529 standard is formulated internationally, which the Japanese industrial standard adapts to and then divides the waterproof protection of electronic instruments into 10 levels, respectively represented by IPXX. XX is a two-digit number, with the first indicating the level of protection for solids and the second indicating the level of protection for liquids.

The following is what the first X means:

0: No protection

1: Prevent the invasion of large solids

2: Prevent the invasion of medium sized solids

3: Prevent small solids from entering

4: Prevent solids larger than 1mm from entering

5: Prevent harmful dust accumulation

6: Completely prevent dust from entering

The following is what the second X means :

0: No protection

1: Drip-proof Type I : Vertical drops have no harmful effects.

2: Drip-proof Type II : No harmful effects from drops falling within 15 degrees in the vertical direction

3: Rainproof Type : No harmful effects from rain falling in the vertical direction into the range of 60 degrees

4: Anti-splash Type : No harmful effects from water splashing in any direction

5: Anti-spray Type : Direct spray of water in any direction has no harmful effects.

6: Water-resistant Type : The water is sprayed directly from any direction and will not enter the interior.

7: Anti-immersion Type : The interior will not be entered even if it submerges in water under specified conditions.

8: Water Type : It can be used under a certain amount of water pressure for a long time.

Example : IP65. It represents that the product can completely prevent dust from entering and be unaffected by water direct injection in any direction without harmful effects.

2) Characteristics Of Push Buttons With Waterproof And Dustproof Functions :

Compared with the ordinary push button, the waterproof and dustproof one is characterized by that it can be used in a harsh environment and has high waterproof and durable performance. In addition, it can also avoid the damage of electronic equipment due to short circuit in high humidity or water immersion environment.

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