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LA115-N-11M 1NO&1NC Momentary Plastic Mushroom Push Button With Red Head And Without Illumination

Product Name : Mushroom Push Button
Head Shape : Mushroom
Color Of The Head : Red
Other Colors Of The Head : Green/Yellow/Blue/White/Black
Action Of The Head : Momentary
Light : No Light
Normal Contact Pattern : 1NO&1NC
Material : Plastic
Certification : CE
Place Of Origin : Zhejiang, China



① Push Button Code

② Design Serial Number

③ NO Contact Number

④ NC Contact Number

⑤ Mushroom Push Button

Technical Parameters

◎ Standard Operational Environment: 

         ◉ Operational Temperature: -25℃~ + 55℃

         ◉ Operational Humidity: 45% ~ 85%

◎ Contact Resistance: ≤50mΩ

◎ Insulation Resistance: ≥100mΩ

◎ Power- frequency With Stand Voltage:

          ◉ Between Contact And Light Pearl’s Leg : AC 2000V/50Hz, 1 minute

          ◉ Between Terminals At Same Level : AC 1000V/50Hz, 1 minute

          ◉ Between Poles At Different Level: AC 2000V/50Hz, 1 minute

◎ Vibration Durability: 50Hz, Swing About 1.2mm

◎ Strike Durability: ≥10m/s2 (about 10g)

◎ Mechanical Life:

           ◉ Momentary Push Button : 200000 times

           ◉ Others: 100000 times

◎ Electric Life:

            ◉ Momentary Push Button : 100000 times

            ◉ Others: 50000 times

◎ Wire Connection:

            ◉ Welded Wire Diameter : 2 * 0.8mm (maximum)

            ◉ Copper Wire Dimension: 0.75mm2

            ◉ Wire Terminal: 2.8 * 0.5mm

◎ Degree Of Protection:

           ◉ Sealed Type: IP40

           ◉ Oil Resistant/Waterproof Type: IP65


The Structure

It is composed of button cap, reset spring, fixed contact, movable contact, housing, pillar connecting rod, etc.

◀ Start Push Button :  When the button cap is pressed down, the contact is closed. And the contact is automatically disconnected and reset after released.

◀ Stop Push Button :  When the button cap is pushed down, the contact is separated, and it will be automatically closed and retrun back after released.

◀ Composite Push Button : When the button cap is pressed, the bridge type moving contact moves downward to disconnect the normally closed contact firstly and then to make the normally open one closed; When the cap is released, the normally open contact breaks and is reset firstly before the normally open contact is closed and reset.


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