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  • 2024-04-30
    Push buttons of travel switch series adopt full plastic shell, beautiful appearance and reasonable structure. The travel switch series are equipped with rubber cable sheath and waterproof strip, which have good dustproof and rainproof performance.In addition to the "start", "total stop" push button,
  • 2024-04-15
    Meeting you at The China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou ① Date : April 15th~19th② Address : Booth E25, 2nd Floor, Hall 15(Electrical and Electronic Exhibition Area), No. 382 Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China③ Booth No. : Booth E25④ Main products :
  • 2024-04-01
    A push button, also known as a button switch or a control button, is a manual controller which can turn on or turn off a small current circuit in a short time, generally used in the circuit to issue start or stop instructions to control the electromagnetic starter, contactor, relay and other electri
  • 2024-03-21
    Digital display meters, as a widely used test and measurement equipment, can be applied in various fields, such as electronic laboratories, industrial production lines, environmental monitoring and so on. They can measure current, voltage, temperature, humidity and other parameters, and display the
  • 2024-03-11
    A temperature controller, an integrated intelligent temperature control instrument, adopts a fully digital integrated design, with the functions of temperature curve programmable or fixed-point constant temperature control, multiple PID regulation, and output. Temperature controllers are introduced
  • 2024-02-10
    Three-color warning lights are a kind of common electronic signal light, usually composed of red, yellow and green bulbs. They are used in various application scenarios to convey different information and instructions to people. Moreover, they play an important role in mechanization and automation s
  • 2024-02-02
    Temperature controllers and thermostats are all used as temperature control equipment, but they are different in control mode, application range, precision and so on. This article introduces the differences between them from the following three aspects.Control Mode:Temperature controllers are a kind
  • 2024-01-30
    Push buttons, a kind of common electronic device in our daily life, are used to control the switches and functions of electrical appliances. However, sometimes we may encounter the situation that the buttons are faulty, which brings certain troubles to our life. This article continues introducing so
  • 2024-01-18
    Push buttons, also known as button switches or control buttons, are a kind of manual controller which can turn on or turn off a small current circuit in a short time. They are generally used in the circuit to issue start or stop instructions, achieving the purpose of controling the coil current of e
  • 2024-01-08
    A digital display meter is a kind of instrument that displays the measured value in decimal digital form. And it can be classified according to the following two methods: (1) According to the structure of the instrument, it can be divided into two types, one with microprocessors and the other withou
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