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  • 2023-11-29
    Push button switches are widely used in the world and closely related to our lifes. As we can see, there is an increasing number of customers looking for the switches with waterproof and dustproof characteristics. Thus, this paper is going to introduce the waterproof and dustproof push button switch
  • 2023-11-20
    This paper will introduce the design principles of water- and dust-proof push buttons and the applications of waterproof and dustproof push buttons in different fields as well. 1) The Design Principles The basic principle of water - and dust-proof push button design is to prevent moisture and partic
  • 2023-11-08
    Electronic push button is a key component commonly used in modern electronic products. And in some special applications, such as in outdoor environment or high humidity environment, the application of waterproof and dustproof push button is particularly important. This paper will introduce the waterproof and dustproof grade and characteristics of waterproof and dustproof push buttons.
  • 2023-10-13
    Meeting you at The China Import and Export Fair Date: October 15-19th Address: Hall 15.2, Area C, No. 382 Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China Booth No.: Area C, Hall 15.2, E08~09 Main products: meters (intelligent temperature controller, intelligent digit
  • 2023-10-06
    In modern industrial environments, both efficiency and safety are paramount. Engineers have been constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance visibility and responsiveness in production processes. In this regard, "Stack Light with Alarm" has emerged as a bright guardian in the industrial realm. The
  • 2023-09-20
    The Shanghai China International Industry Fair is one of the most important industrial exhibitions in China and one of the important events in the global industry. The expo is held in Shanghai every year and aims to showcase the latest industrial technologies, products and solutions and promote exch
  • 2023-08-18
    This type of lamp head is made of imported large particle LED shining chip and sealed by epoxide resin, produced by advanced technological process.Among them, the led chip is a solid-state semiconductor device. One end of the chip is attached to a bracket, one end is a negative electrode, and the ot
  • 2023-08-03
    There are many types of LED warning lights, which can be divided into: car LED warning lights, rechargeable LED warning lights, controllable LED warning lights, car seatbelt warning lights, LED flashing lights, strobe warning light,rotary warning light, single-color warning lights, multi-color warni
  • 2023-07-31
    GOB series, the control box series in our company, is a kind of container used to hold buttons and made of plastic or metal materials. It has not only a beautiful and exquisite appearance, but also a reasonable, advanced and strong structure. Also, It’s light and handy. And the capacity of this seri
  • 2023-07-19
    Signal indicator light, a device that uses light to monitor the working or position status of circuits and electrical equipment. It is also the most intuitive and unique monitoring component in automation equipment. The main function is usually used to reflect the working state of the circuit (with
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