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LA115-N-11Y 1NO&1NC 2-position Maintained Key Control Selector Switch Push Button With Round Head And No Light

Product Name : Keylock Push Button
Head Shape : Round
Color Of The Head : Black
The Control Way : Key
Key Positions : 2
Key Action : Maintained
Light : No
Normal Contact Pattern : 1NO+1NC
Material : Plastic
Certification : CE
Place Of Origin : Zhejiang, China



① Push Button Code

② Design Serial Number

③ The Number Of NO Contact

④ The Number Of NC Contact

⑤ Mechanical Form : 2-position Keylock Selector


Conventional Thermal Current : Ith 10A

Contact Resistance : ≤50mΩ

Insulation Resistance : ≥10mΩ

Mechanical Durability : ≥5*104 times


Ambient Air Temperature : -25℃ ~ +40℃

Altitude : ≤2000m

Relative Air Humidity : ≤90%

Pollution Degree : Class 3


How are they installed?

When push buttons are installed on the panel, they should be arranged neatly and reasonably, which can be arranged from top to bottom or from left to right according to the starting order.

The installation and fixing of the button should be firm, and the wiring should be reliable. Apply the red button to stop, green or black to start or power on. Please make no mistake.

Due to the small distance among the button contacts, short circuit faults caused by oil, dirt and other things are easy to occur, so that the contacts should be kept clean.

The button plate and button box for the installation of the button must be metal, and try to make them connected with the total ground bus of the machine tool. For the suspended push button, a special ground wire must be provided, and a metal tube must not be borrowed as the ground wire.    

When a push button is used in high temperature situations, it is easy to deform, age and loosen the plastic, causing the short circuit between the wiring screws. In this case, the insulating plastic pipe can be added to the wiring screws to prevent short circuit.

The button with the indicator light is hot due to the lamp, and the long-term use is easy to deform the plastic lamp shade. Thus, the lamp voltage should be reduced to extend the service life.

"Stop" push buttons must be red; "Emergency stop" push buttons must be red mushroom head type; The "start" push button must have a protective stop ring, which should be higher than the button head to prevent miss operation of the device caused by the accidental touching.


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