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Some Tips About Push Buttons

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A push button, also known as a button switch or a control button, is a manual controller which can turn on or turn off a small current circuit in a short time, generally used in the circuit to issue start or stop instructions to control the electromagnetic starter, contactor, relay and other electrical coil current on or off, then letting them control the main circuit. Push buttons can also be used to control signal devices.This article will introduce the following two parts.


How should push buttons be used and maintained?

①The push buttons should be firm and properly wired. Usually, the red push button is the stop button, and the green or black one represents the start or power.

②The push button should be checked frequently, and the dirt on its surface should be removed in time. Besides, sealing measures should be taken if necessary.

③If the button is found to be in poor contact, then the cause should be identified; If any damage or dirt is found on the contact surface, repair or remove it in time.

④When the push button is used in high temperature situations, the plastic is easily aging and deformed due to heat, resulting in the button loosening. In order to prevent the short-circuit fault caused by the collision of wiring screws, the fastening ring or the insulating tube on the wiring screws should be added according to the situation during the installation.

⑤The push button with the indicator light is generally not suitable for the occasion of a long power time, so as to avoid the clinker part being heated and deformed, resulting in the difficulty of replacing the bulb. If you want to use, you can reduce the lamp voltage to extend the service life.

⑥The button or box for installing the push button should be made of metal material and connected to the mechanical general ground bus, and the suspended button should have a special ground wire.

The common faults of push buttons and their troubleshooting methods

Electric shock when you press down the start button

      ①The protective metal housing of the push button is in contact with the connection wire. In this case, please check the connection wire inside the button.

      ②The gap between the button cap is filled with iron chips to form a path with the conductive part. When meeting this kind of situation, please clean push buttons.

If the stop button is out of order, then the circuit cannot be disconnected.

      ①Wiring error

      ②Thread ends are loose or bonded together.

      ③Too much dust or oil causes the stop button to form a short circuit. Then please clean the button.

      ④Bakelite burnt causes short circuit.

The controlled appliance does not operate.

      ①The controlled electrical device is damaged.

      ②The button reset spring is damaged.

      ③Poor button contact

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