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Travel Switches ---- the Use Instructions, Features And Structure

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Push buttons of travel switch series adopt full plastic shell, beautiful appearance and reasonable structure. The travel switch series are equipped with rubber cable sheath and waterproof strip, which have good dustproof and rainproof performance.

In addition to the "start", "total stop" push button, the circuit main switch "pass" and "self-locking button" push button, other push buttons have automatic reset performance and have a positive and negative control mechanical interlocking mechanism as well, which not only simplify the circuit, but also effectively protect the circuit and equipment operation. In order to more effectively prevent circuit failures, the push button "pass" and "self-locking button" can cut off the total power supply.

The travel switches are suitable for the circuit control systems, such as crane, electric hoist and other equipment remote control, which have AC 50Hz, rated voltage below 500V and rated current below 15A, and which are exposed to the open air, rain, snow and the environment full of dust damage.

This article will introduce the travel switches from the following three parts.

Instructions For Use

①Remove the end caps, insert the sealing sheath, and fasten them to the end face of the push button by screws.

②Remove the bottom cover, and then thread all the control wires into the sealing sheath, and finally fasten them to the terminal of each push button one by one according to the electrical schematic diagram.

③Check or test whether the wiring is correct. If all is normal, bind and fix the leads, and then reinstall the bottom cover.


①Waterproof and oil proof

②Beautiful appearance and reasonable structure        

③High mechanical strength and collision resistance. And they have emergency stop switches and mechanical interlock, safe and reliable.

④Large contact capacity and long service life.

( Mechanical life : 100*104 times ;

Electrical life : AC 500,000 times, DC 250,000 times)

⑤Single-hand support operation, easy to use.


①The control button is composed of a shell, an emergency stop switch and a multi-button switch.

②Contacts use standard silver contact, causing good electrical conductivity.

③The shell is made of ABS plastic injection molding. The push button’s head is marked with clear direction indication, which is not easy to wear.

④Contacts using standard silver contact have good electrical conductivity. The emergency stop push button needs to be reset after rotation or fingering, and the control button is automatic reset.


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