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The Classification And Working Principle Of Three-color Warning Lights

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Three-color warning lights are a kind of common electronic signal light, usually composed of red, yellow and green bulbs. They are used in various application scenarios to convey different information and instructions to people. Moreover, they play an important role in mechanization and automation systems, such as traffic lights, industrial control panels, safety warning systems and so on.

This paper will introduce this kind of warning lights from the following two aspects ---- their classification and working principle.



①Fixed three-color warning lights : They are usually used in machinery and equipment or transportation places, such as railways, highways, ports, etc., to convey warnings, prompts or instructions, in order to improve safety and visibility.

  ②Rotary three-color warning lights : They are usually used in police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, engineering vehicles and other vehicles, to remind other vehicles and pedestrians of paying attention to avoidance and safety.

  ③Signal tower three-color warning light : They are usually used in industrial automation production lines, machine tool equipment, etc., to indicate the state of the machine including normal, warning, stop, in order to facilitate the operators to identify and deal with equipment failures.

  ④Traffic lights three-color warning lights: They are usually used in road traffic, pedestrian intersections, stations and other places to indicate traffic status and pedestrian passage time to ensure traffic and pedestrian safety.

Working Principle:

Three-color warning lights usually consist of three light-emitting diodes (LEDs) of different colors, each of which emits a different color of light. They are controlled by circuits that turn on different LEDs at different points in time, thus displaying different colors. With more details, It can also be said that three-color warning lights usually use LED (light-emitting diode) as a light source. Each color of LED has its own specific circuit connection in order to control the red, yellow and green light respectively. The controller of the warning light controls the state of each LED by changing the current flow and intensity. Normally, red means stop or danger, yellow means warning or ready, and green means it is OK to go forward or safety.

Conclusion:There are many kinds of three-color warning lights, which are widely used in various fields to warn, prompt and indicate different information, improve safety and visibility, and play a positive role in promoting the construction and development of modern society. Besides, the working principle helps you be more familiar to this kind of warning lights.

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