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Waterproof And Dustproof Push Buttons ---- Design Principles & Applications In Different Fields

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This paper will introduce the design principles of water- and dust-proof push buttons and the applications of waterproof and dustproof push buttons in different fields as well.

1) The Design Principles

The basic principle of water - and dust-proof push button design is to prevent moisture and particles from entering the inside of the push buttons through effective sealing measures. The followings are several common waterproof and dustproof design principles.

1. Seal Washer Design : 

Use a seal washer around the key push button and compress it for water and dust resistance.

2. Seal Switch Housing : 

Use materials with good sealing performance to make the switch housing, and ensure the tightness of the switch housing by means of sealant or sealing ring.

3. Film Switch Design : 

The film push button switch has a good sealing performance, through the design and structure of the film switch to achieve waterproof and dustproof requirements.

And the choosing of good sealing materials are closely relative to achieving waterproof and dustproof design. Thus, the following factors should be considered when we choose good sealing materials.

1. Weather Fastness : 

The sealing material should have good weather resistance and be able to withstand the influence of environmental factors such as sun exposure, rain and temperature changes.

2. Chemical Resistance : 

The sealing material should have good chemical resistance and be able to resist the erosion of liquids and chemical substances in contact with it.

3. Elasticity And Resilience : 

The sealing material should have sufficient elasticity and resilience to ensure that it can be effectively returned to the original state after keystroke operation and maintain the sealing performance.

4. Selection Of Sealing Materials : 

Common sealing materials include silica gel, fluorine rubber, nitrile rubber and so on. According to the specific application scenarios and requirements, we should select the appropriate sealing materials to meet the requirements of waterproof and dustproof design.

2) The Applications In Different Fields

Waterproof and dustproof push button switches are widely used in various fields, especially in the fields of outdoor equipment, automobiles and medical equipment. Here are some examples of applications in these areas.

1. In Outdoor Equipment : 

The water- and dust-proof push buttons play a key role in this area, such as outdoor lighting equipment, wireless communication equipment and so on. These devices are often exposed to harsh weather conditions, such as rain, sand and dust. The waterproof and dustproof push buttons can ensure that the devices work properly in various weather conditions.

2. In Car Area : 

The key switch in modern cars needs to have a good waterproof performance to cope with humidity, liquid splashing and dust in the car environment. For example, push button switches on a car's driver control panel need to be water and dust resistant to ensure driver’s safety and comfort.

3. In Medical Equipment :

 Medical equipment has very high requirements for hygiene and reliability, so the application of waterproof and dustproof push button switches in this equipment is particularly important. For example, push button switches, like the ones on the control panels in the operating rooms or on the medical instruments and so on, need to have a waterproof and dustproof design to ensure the reliability and safety of the equipment.

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