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Popular science on the use of AD116-22DS signal indicators in different colors

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Signal indicator light, a device that uses light to monitor the working or position status of circuits and electrical equipment. It is also the most intuitive and unique monitoring component in automation equipment. The main function is usually used to reflect the working state of the circuit (with or without electricity), the working state of electrical equipment (running, outage or test) and position state (closed or disconnected), etc. To remind the operator to deal with the fault in time, or operate a certain function to complete the relevant action

Meaning: Represents safety, normality, readiness (that is, an indication of safe operating conditions or the preparation of mechanical equipment to start).

Function: It is often used to indicate the ready-to-start state of the equipment. All auxiliary components are in the ready-to-use state, various parts are in the start-up state, and the voltage is within the specified range.

(2) Red

Meaning: Represents an alarm or a stop of an abnormal situation (ie, a light alarm for a situation that may be dangerous and requires immediate attention).

Function: It is often used for important parts of the equipment to be cut off by protective appliances, and the temperature exceeds the specified limit.

Red Signal Indicator Light

(3) Yellow

Meaning: stands for warning (that is, state change or approaching limit value) standby, intervention

Function: It generally reminds the operator to pay attention to the standby or operation status of the equipment, especially the debugging state or the short-term stay state.

Yellow Signal Indicator Light

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