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China GQELE push button switch Factory with high quality

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What is a Push Button Switch?

Push Button Switch

· A push button switch is a mechanical device to control an electrical circuit by a manual operation to energize the internal switching mechanism.

· Push button switches are electrical actuators this switch will close or open an electrical circuit by pressing the switch.

· Push button switches control a wide range of electronic circuits.

· These switches are in the form of a button or a key.

· These switches can be either momentary or maintained.

· But, the push button is the frequent sort of momentary switch

· Generally, A closed push button switch is known as a push-to-break switch. An open push button switch is known as a push-to-make switch.

· The maintained push button is connected to a mechanism that holds and releases between successive alternate pushes.

· Push buttons technically consist of two states or more, but, a push button having more than two states is not a common option.

· These push buttons are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations, depending on the design requirements.

How Does a Push Button Switch Operate?

· Push button switches depend on a simple in-out actuation mechanism.

· They can be employed to break Turn Off or initiate Turn On a circuit.

· For particular operations, push button switches provides a good user interface to start or stop a function.

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