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The Wide Application of Equipment Warning Lights: Enhancing Safety in Everyday Life

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Application of equipment warning lights: In our daily life, warning lights are widely used.

In life, people's safety awareness is relatively weak, and there are more and more criminals, which leads to the occurrence of many stories. In order to reduce the occurrence of such incidents, people issued warning lights to remind people. Therefore, the occurrence of many accidents is reduced. The light source of the traditional warning light is to emit light through the bulb, and to emit light through the electroplating wire according to the current. Usually, the bead wire is collected and used inside the bulb, and the gas is watched in the bulb, so as to achieve the goal of luminescence. Now, with the development of LED technology in China, light-emitting diodes are used as light sources, which are steady-state light emitters that utilize the electrolumine scence efficiency of semiconductors. It is different from traditional light bulbs, it will not slowly change the details due to the volatilization of the filament, so that the service life will be reduced a little, and there will be no mechanical wear, longer service life, shock resistance and vibration resistance. At the same time, the light effect of LED police lights is relatively good, and the visibility is extremely strong.

Why are traffic lights red, yellow and green instead of other colors? Because the three most common colors of the wavelength, that is, the three colors that are most likely to attract people's attention, the degrees from deep to light are: red, yellow, and green. What do the three colors of the machine tool alarm light mean? Green is safe, stop state, yellow is running state, red is fault stop state.

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