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Materials and properties of LED Indicator lamp head

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RS PRO Red LED Indicator Lamp head is made of imported large particle LED shining chip and sealed by epoxide resin, produced by advanced technological process.

Among them, the led chip is a solid-state semiconductor device. One end of the chip is attached to a bracket, one end is a negative electrode, and the other end is connected to the positive electrode of the power supply, so that the whole chip is encapsulated by epoxy resin, and it is also the core component of the LED lamp.

LED Indicator lamp

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The led chip has the following five advantages:

First, it has high safety and is not easy to be damaged.

Second, it has a wide range of applications and can be widely used in various led light sources.

Third, the reliability is excellent.

Fourth, it has a long service life, which is much higher than that of ordinary incandescent lamps.

Fifth, the brightness is higher than that of conventional chips.

The price of led chips is not fixed, depending on its power and manufacturer. Generally speaking, the price of high-power chips is higher than that of low-power, the price of square chips is higher than that of round chips, and the price of imported chips is higher than that of domestic ones. However, in recent years, the domestic chip industry has developed rapidly. As long as you choose the right brand and the right manufacturer, you can buy domestic led chips with high cost performance.

In addition, epoxide resin, also known as artificial resin, is a kind of organic polymer with more than two epoxy groups in its molecular structure and a thermosetting plastic. Except for a few cases, their relative molecular weights are not high.

It has excellent adhesion and various balanced physical properties. As an adhesive, it is widely used from cutting-edge technology to daily life.

It has the main following characteristics:

1. Various forms. Various resin, curing agent and modifier systems can almost meet the requirements of various applications, ranging from extremely low viscosity to high melting point solids.

2. The curing is convenient. With different curing agents, the epoxide resin system can be cured almost in the temperature range of 0 ~ 180℃.

3. Strong adhesion. The existence of polar hydroxyl and ether bonds in the molecular chain of epoxide resin makes it have high adhesion to various substances. The shrinkage of epoxide resin during curing is low and the internal stress is small, which is also helpful to improve the adhesion strength.

4. Low contractibility. The reaction between epoxide resin and curing agent is carried out by direct addition reaction or ring-opening polymerization of epoxide groups in resin molecules, and no water or other volatile by-products are released. Compared with unsaturated polyester resin and phenolic resin, they show very low shrinkage during curing.

5. Mechanical properties. The cured epoxide resin system has excellent mechanical properties.

6. Electrical performance. The cured epoxide resin system is an excellent insulating material with high dielectric properties, surface leakage resistance and arc resistance.

7. Chemical stability. Generally, the cured epoxide resin system has excellent alkali resistance, acid resistance and solvent resistance. Like other properties of cured epoxy system, chemical stability also depends on the selected resin and curing agent. Proper selection of epoxide resin and curing agent can make it have special chemical stability.

8. Dimensional stability. The combination of many of the above properties makes the epoxide resin system have outstanding dimensional stability and durability.

9. Resistant to mold. The cured epoxide resin system is resistant to most molds and can be used in harsh tropical conditions.

Therefore, this series LED lamp has the charateristics of showy colour, long using life, low power consumption, corresion - resisting and antivibration.

And, customers can choose anti-interference type or ordinary type according to different use requirements or cost requirements; The number of chips can also be selected: for example, red and yellow, you can choose four or five cores, which will make a difference in brightness.

In recent years, this type of LED lamp head are widely used in the indicator lights of many electrical facilities, it is the best alternative for the traditional tungsten filament and neon lamp.

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