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Push Buttons’ Common Faults And Their Solutions (1)

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Push buttons, also known as button switches or control buttons, are a kind of manual controller which can turn on or turn off a small current circuit in a short time. They are generally used in the circuit to issue start or stop instructions, achieving the purpose of controling the coil current of electromagnetic starters, contactors, relays and other electric appliances on or off, and then making the appliances control the main circuit. Besides, push buttons can also be used to control signal devices.

This paper is going to focus on the following two aspects of push buttons ---- their common faults and the corresponding solutions.

1) Press The Button, But The NO Contact Is Blocked :

Cause1 : Contact oxidation

Solution1 : Wipe contacts. And replace buttons if necessary.

Cause2 : The button is deformed, causing the moving contact cannot contact the static contact.

Solution2 : Replace the deformed button.

Cause3 : The mechanical structure is stuck.

Solution3 : Remove debris from the button.

2)Release The Button, But The NC Contact Is Blocked :

Cause1 : Contact oxidation or dirt existence

Solution1 : Wipe each contact of the button.

Cause2 : The spring isn’t elastic enough.

Solution2 : Replace or dispose of the spring.

3)When The Button Is Pressed, The NC Contact Is Still Closed :

Cause1 : Too much dirt, causing short circuit.

Solution1 : Wipe away the debris inside the button.

Cause2 : The bakelite is charred, resulting in short circuit.

Solution2 : Replace the button.

4)When The Button Is Released, The NO Contact Is Still Closed :

Cause1 : Be short-circuited by too much dirt.

Solution1 : Wipe and remove debris inside the button.

Cause2 : The return spring is not elastic enough.

Solution2 : Replace or deal with the spring.

Cause3 : The bakelite is scorched, which causes a short circuit.

Solution3 : Change the button.

5)Being Getting An Electric Shock When We Press The Button :

Cause1 : The wiring is loose and bonded to the button housing.

Solution1 : Reconnect it and eliminate the wiring phenomenon.

Cause2 : There is much dirt inside the button.

Solution2 : Clear them.

6)Button Overheat :

Cause1 : The current passing through the button is too large.

Solution1 : Redesign the circuit.

Cause2 : Ambient temperature is too high.

Solution2 : Enhance the heat dissipation measures.

Cause3 : Indicator voltage is too high.

Solution3 : Lower the voltage.

Conclusion : Push button failures can be caused by a variety of reasons. By understanding these common problems and their corresponding solutions, we can deal with the failures better and maintain the normal use of the home or workplace.

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