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Push Buttons’ Common Faults And Their Solutions (2)

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Push buttons, a kind of common electronic device in our daily life, are used to control the switches and functions of electrical appliances. However, sometimes we may encounter the situation that the buttons are faulty, which brings certain troubles to our life. This article continues introducing some common push buttons’ failures and providing corresponding solutions to help solve various problems of push buttons.

1) The Push Button Cannot Be Activated :

Cause1 : Power problem

Solution1 : When the push button can’t be started working, please check if the power supply is normal firstly. You can also check whether the circuit is in good contact, whether the plug is damaged, etc.


Cause2 : Button damage

Solution2 : Damaged buttons may cause the switch to fail to start. In this case, you need to replace the button to ensure its quality and adaptability.


Cause3 : Loose cable

Solution3 : If the cable of the push button is loose, the switch can’t be started normally. At this time, you can reconnect the line and check whether the line is normal or not.


2) The Push Button Cannot Be Stopped :

Cause1 : Control circuit faults

Solution1 : A common reason why a push button can’t be stopped is the failure of the control circuit. You can check whether the circuit board is normal and whether the circuit components are aging.


Cause2 : Stuck Buttons

Solution2 : If the button is stuck, then the switch cannot be stopped. The problem can be fixed with an appropriate lubricant or a replaced button .


Cause3 : The wear of internal components  

Solution3 : After the push button is used for a long time, the internal parts may be worn, causing the switch to be unable to stop. Thus, repairs or replacement of internal components are required.


3) The Switch Button Is Faulty :

Cause1 : No tactile response to the switch

Solution1 : The insensitive touch of the button switch may be caused by the fault of the tactile sensor. You can check whether the sensor is dirty and whether it is properly installed, or even can readjust the sensor.


Cause2 : The button key is damaged.

Solution2 : When the button key is damaged, it will also cause inoperation. The key needs to be replaced to ensure the normal function of the push button.


Cause3 : Timer problems

Solution3 : When the push button is configured with a timer, if the timer is faulty, the push button cannot be used normally. You can check settings and connections of the timer and reset them if necessary.



Conclusion : Push button faults can be caused by a variety of reasons, including power problems, damaged buttons, loose cables, control circuit failures, jammed buttons, wear of internal parts, non-responsive button keys, damaged button keys, and timer problems. By understanding these common problems and their corresponding solutions, the correct operation of push buttons can be ensured, and thus the quality of life and work efficiency can be improved.

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