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Self locking push button switch and self-resetting switch structure principle difference comparison

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self locking push button switch is a kind of common push button switch. When the switch button is pressed for the first time, the switch is turned on and held, i.e. self-locking, and when the switch button is pressed for the second time, the switch is disconnected and the switch button is popped out at the same time. Self-locking switch generally refers to the switch comes with a mechanical locking function, press down, release the button is not fully jumped up, in a locked state, need to press again to unlock fully jumped up, it is called self-locking switch. Most users are not clear about the difference between self-locking switches and self-resetting switches, the following is a brief description for you!

一. What is a self locking push button switch

self locking push button switch

1. self-locking switch means that the switch does not automatically pop up when pressed with its own locking function, press down, release the button is not popped up, in a locked state, you need to press again to unlock fully popped up. It is called self-locking switch.

2. Self-locking both self-locking after power (they will not disconnect), to other lines to disconnect it. Contactors are used to control motors of higher power. The start button in the control circuit is generally not self-locking, and will pop up when pressed, so a set of normally open contacts in the contactor should be connected to the button to do self-locking, also called self-protection, so that the circuit can work properly.

3. Self-locking switch in forward and reverse rotation and other multi-functional control circuit, self-locking can also prevent failure to act to ensure the accuracy of the control circuit. In a typical circuit, the circuit is energized when the switch is pressed. Release the switch and the circuit is broken again. Once the switch is pressed, it can automatically remain continuously energized until another switch is pressed to break the circuit; such a circuit is called a self-locking circuit. For example, when opening a door, a self-locking switch circuit can be used to ensure that the door remains open until another trigger signal is used to close the door.

4. A self-locking switch is one that is on when you press it, until you press it a second time, when its latch proceeds to pop open, in the same principle as your crude oil pen.

Self-locking switch circuits are also commonly used in digital integrated circuits that can record the state of the input signal and maintain the output state. When the state of the input signal changes, the output state will change accordingly until the next change in the input signal occurs.

二. What is a self-resetting switch

LA115-B1-11 self locking push button switch

1. Self-resetting switch can also be understood as a self-repeating button, press it to turn on, and when you let go, it also follows to disconnect.

2. Auto-reset switch refers to the button pressed no matter to which stroke position, will automatically return to the initial position, self-reset switch is more common, such as light touch switch, straight key switch, micro switch, button switch, etc. have with self-reset function, mostly used for hair dryer, rice cooker, computer boot key, induction cooker, refrigerator, etc. above. In the circuit understanding is one of the plug-in objects on the motherboard plug-in wiring, hand pressed when it occurs a short circuit, release and return to open circuit, a momentary short circuit will allow the computer to restart, simply put, a restart button.

3. The difference between self-resetting switch and self-locking switch mainly lies in the mechanical physical structure of the control of the internal travel, self-locking usually comes with a card position, the travel to this card position, it will automatically lock. In fact, self-locking and self-resetting is a structural-functional designation that can cover various types of switches.

4. Self-locking switches are mostly slightly more expensive than the reset switch, because in the key structure design principle, the internal working state of the self-locking relative to the reset, to have more structure for pressing the first time to lock the switch, reset when disconnected. For example, we commonly decorate the furniture inside the intelligent light-emitting key switch, there are self-locking and self-replacing, universal self-locking switch is mostly used to control the room fan and curtains, etc.. However, the self reset is used more in the waterproof light touch switch above.

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