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Types and working principle of LED warning lights

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There are many types of LED warning lights, which can be divided into: car LED warning lights, rechargeable LED warning lights, controllable LED warning lights, car seatbelt warning lights, LED flashing lights, strobe warning light,rotary warning light, single-color warning lights, multi-color warning lights, flashing warning lights.

The working principle of LED warning light is based on the characteristics of Light Emitting Diode (LED), which is a semiconductor device, when the current flows through the LED, the electrons will combine with the holes and release the energy, resulting in the LED to emit light.

LED warning lights usually use LED modules or LED light heads composed of multiple LED chips, which are connected in a certain circuit to form a lamp bead, forming a number of LED light-emitting points. By controlling the circuitry of the LED light head, the LEDs can be controlled to light up, extinguish and flash mode, so as to realize different warning effects.

The circuit of the LED warning light generally includes the controller, driver and LED module. The controller receives input signals from switches, remote controls, etc., converts the signals into control signals, and controls the output voltage and current of the driver. The driver converts the control signals into the current and voltage signals required by the LED module, causing the LED module to emit light.

Compared with traditional light bulbs, LED warning light has the advantages of low power consumption, long life, high brightness and fast response speed. Therefore, it is widely used in the fields of warning, transportation, security and fire fighting.

GQEM's led signal tower light features

LED warning lights

Suitable for all kinds of production equipment warning

Modular design, easy maintenance, beeping, color layers, installation method, input voltage, etc., can be selected

Aluminum mandrel

Aluminum mandrel ensures that the heat generated by the LED light source dissipates quickly and slows down the light decay.

High quality LED light source

Adopting branded high quality LED light source, long life of more than 50,000 hours, to ensure that the light is not broken for 5 years, eliminating the need to replace the indicator light source or the trouble of the indicator.

One-to-one service

Focus on LED special lamps since 2004, through the ISO9001 system certification, one-to-one service, salesman to follow up the whole process, can support a variety of payment methods

Third, LED equipment warning light installation method

1. Choose a suitable installation location, usually need to be installed in a conspicuous position around the equipment.

2. Determine the installation method, usually can use fixed brackets, screws, suction cups and other ways to install.

3. Connect the power line, ensure the connection is correct and reliable.

4. Test and adjust the brightness of the light, flashing frequency and other parameters.

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