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The Working Principle And Application Fields Of Temperature Controllers

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A temperature controller, an integrated intelligent temperature control instrument, adopts a fully digital integrated design, with the functions of temperature curve programmable or fixed-point constant temperature control, multiple PID regulation, output power limiting curve programming, manual or automatic switching, soft start, alarm switch output, real-time data query, communication with computers and so on. And the digital temperature instrument and ZK thyristor voltage regulator are combined into one, which has the functions of temperature measurement, adjustment and driving together. This kind of meter directly outputs thyristor trigger signals and can drive various thyristor loads.

A temperature controller is introduced in this paper from the following two aspects ---- the working principle and application fields.

Working Principle:

Generally speaking, the working principle of a temperature controller is based on the PID control algorithm. PID control algorithm is a classical control algorithm, which is composed of proportional control, integral control and differential control. By monitoring the changes of temperature signals in real time, the working state of a temperature controller is controlled according to the output of PID algorithm, which achieves accurate temperature control. The temperature controller usually has different control modes, such as conventional mode, timing mode, etc., which can be set according to different practical applications.

Through the temperature sensor, the ambient temperature is automatically sampled and monitored in real time. When the environment temperature is higher than the control setting value, the control circuit starts and the control return difference can be set. If the temperature is still rising, when it rises to the set alarm temperature point, the alarm function will be started. When the controlled temperature can not be effectively controlled, the equipment can also be stopped from continuing to run through the function of tripping in order to prevent its damage.

Application Fields:

      Temperature controllers are widely used in various kinds of household appliances and industrial equipment, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, electric water heaters, ovens and so on. In addition, in the process of industrial production, the temperature controller also plays an important role, such as in food processing, pharmaceutical production, electronic manufacturing and other fields, which can achieve improving production efficiency and product quality through accurate temperature control.  What’s more, they can be used in electric power departments using various high and low voltage switchgears, dry transformers, box substations and electric furnace control in laboratory, and other related temperature application fields as well.

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