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Brief Introduction to Control Box-GOB Series

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GOB series, the control box series in our company, is a kind of container used to hold buttons and made of plastic or metal materials. It has not only a beautiful and exquisite appearance, but also a reasonable, advanced and strong structure. Also, It’s light and handy. And the capacity of this series is big and sufficient as well.

With the rubber cable jacket and waterproof rubber sealing strip, GOB series is capable of a good performance of dust and rain prevention (IP65 level). As a result, this kind of product is especially suitable for being used in the environment with open-air, rain, snow and dust damage or places with staffing damp, such as electric hoist, open-air conveyor belt materials and building remote control electrical equipment industry. Besides, it can control positive and negative directions and interlock machines. If necessary, it has the capacity of interlocking circuit in order to achieve a safer and more reliable use. What’s more, switches with different functions can be adopted and buttons can be arranged in a satisfactory station.

The GOB series of rain-proof crane control push button station, which draws on the strong points of similar products at home and abroad, is the newly developed product.

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